Building Excellence in ICT Construction:

Your Trusted Category A General Engineering Accredited Contractor"

SmartCon Builders is a Category A General Engineering Accredited Contractor of the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB). Smartcon  has been engaged in various fields of construction, fabrication and maintenance
specializing in the Information and Communication Technology Sector.

Build Your Dream

Quality Services

Engineering Survey & Design

From blueprint to built environment, our Engineering Survey & Design services lay the foundation for success.


Crafting dreams into tangible structures, our construction prowess shapes a world where vision meets reality.

Rope Access/Rappelling Works

Reaching high places with ease: our rope access gets the job done

Project Management

Making things happen smoothly: our project management turns plans into reality.


Keeping things strong and working: our maintenance keeps construction in top shape.

HOUSING Projects

Crafting spaces to cherish: our housing projects redefine comfortable living.


Committed To Keep People Safe

Our Core Values

We at Smartcon, follow best practices such as: